Jan Svartvik (red.)
The London–Lund corpus of spoken English. Description and research
Lund Studies in English 82
1990 | 354 s. | svenska

ISSN: 0076-1451
ISBN: 91-7966-126-2

The appearance of this book marks the end of two projects in modern English linguistics, the London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English and Text Segmentation for Speech.
Part I is a description by Sidney Greenbaum and Jan Svartvik of the computerized London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English, which was completed in 1990. This product, offered ta interested colleagues in all parts of the world, is the result of research, recording, analysis and compilation extending over many years and involving a great number of colleagues in the Survey of English Usage at University College London and in the Survey of Spoken English at Lund University. This part includes two appendices, one providing information about all the 100 texts of the corpus, the other listing publications that use material from the Survey of English Usage.
Part Il reports on some of the research carried out within the Lund project Text Segmentation for Speech (TESS) by Bengt Altenberg, Mats Eeg-Olofsson, Anna-Brita Stenström, and Jan Svartvik.
Together with its companion volume in the same series, A Corpus of English Conversation, edited by Jan Svartvik and Randolph Quirk, this book will be a useful work of reference to those who use, or plan to use, the London-Lund Corpus. The new volume will also be of interest to those who are working on automatic text-to-speech conversion or are generally concerned with the analysis of computerized language texts.

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