Stella Macheridis
Animal husbandry in Iron Age Scania, with a catalogue
Studies in Osteology & Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series altera in 8° 73
2022 | 272 s. | engelska

ISSN: 1654-2363, 0065-0994
ISBN: 978-91-89415-15-7, 978-91-89415-16-4

The zooarchaeological record of Iron Age Scania in south Sweden is rich and multi-faceted; within it are many clues to past human-animal relations. This book focusses on the management of cattle, sheep, pig and horse, and Scania, with its environmentally diverse composition, make up the study region for this topic, in which the author tries to give old bones new life by putting them in an archaeological context.

Stella Macheridis is a zoo-archaeologist and researcher, interested in cultural processes and practices involving human and animal lives in prehistory.

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