Frans Mossberg (red.)
Sound, mind and emotion - research and aspects
Skrifter från Ljudmiljöcentrum vid Lunds universitet 8
2008 | 138 s. | engelska

ISSN: 1653-9354

Human mind and emotion can be profoundly affected by sounds. In this interdisciplinary volume researchers from different fields take a look at connections between sound, mind and emotion, and ways of understand them.

In the spring of 2008 a series of interdisciplinary symposiums were arranged in Lund by The Sound Environment Centre at Lund University. The main subject was to further understanding of sound and sound environments and it´s influence on personal, emotional and psychological levels. The three different symposiums had different perspectives. The first one focused on how sound can affect us in times of emotional crisis, trauma or catastrophic events. The second topic
was to investigate aspects of how sound is perceived in states of mental disturbances of various kinds, and the third finally discussed implications of oversensitivity to sound – hyperacusis – as well as hearing impairments such as tinnitus.


  • Patrik N. Juslin: Seven Ways in which the Brain Can Evoke Emotions from Sounds
  • Ulf Rosenhall: Auditory Problems - Not only an Issue of Impaired Hearing
  • Sören Nielzén, Olle Olsson, Johan Källstrand and Sara Nehlstedt: The Role of Psychoacoustics for the Research on Neuropsychiatric States
  • Sverker Sikström and Göran Söderlund: Why Noise Improves Memory in ADHD Children
  • Gerhard Andersson: Tinnitus and Hypersensititvity to Sounds
  • Kerstin Persson Waye: ”It Sounds like a Buzzing in my Head” – children’s perspectiveof the sound environment in pre-schools
  • Björn Lyxell, Erik Borg and Inga-Stina Olsson: Cognitive Skills and Percieved Effort in Active and Passive
    Listening in a Naturalistic Sound Environment
  • Åke Iwar: Sound, Catastrophy and Trauma
  • Kerstin Bergh Johannesson: Sounds as Triggers
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